Denise Fagerberg - Pornstar Collection

Denise Fagerberg - Pornstar Collection

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Denise Fagerberg is a Swedish adult and glamour model. Originally from Stenungsund, Sweden, she now lives in Göteborg, Sweden. Denise is believed to be one of the 3 largest breasted women in Sweden, along with Charlotte Gullberg and another. On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Denise had 1500cc Sebbin silicone implants placed, replacing her 610cc silicone implants. Her first enlargement was at Citadellkliniken in Landskrona, Sweden, and her second was at Bella Clinic in Helsingborg, Sweden. Denise currently has no further plans to enlarge them further, stating that "they are very disproportionate to my slim waist already" and that she is pleased with her current size. Her measurements are 40-28-39. She is aka Denise Slaay.

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