Rita Jalace Mega Collection
39 Videos | 25.55 GB

Rita Jalace (aka Emily, Holly, July, Mishelle A., Rita, Rita Jalace, Roxy) is a Russian pornstar. She was born on March 19, 1990.

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Rita Jalace

Apolonia Lapiedra - Pornstar Collection

Apolonia Lapiedra Mega Collection
52 Videos | 73.48 GB

Apolonia Lapiedra, or just Apolonia, (born April 27, 1992 in Hellin, Spain) is a Spanish porn actress and Ninfa Award winner. Apolonia has natural breasts and no tattoos. In 2015, around the age of 23, Apolonia Lapiedra started her career as a porn actress. Since then, she appeared in over 6 movies and worked for studios like CumLouder, Private and Girlfriends Films. She also has her own production company ApoloniaFilms S.L.. Her measurements are 32-24-33.

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Apolonia Lapiedra


Olivia Del Rio Mega Collection
116 Videos | 14.90 GB

Born and raised in Brazil, this beautiful adult starlet found her way into the adult world while working as a maid for a French adult director. Entranced by Olivia's beauty and sex appeal, her boss asked if she would like to take a shot at doing a sex scene in his next movie. Olivia immediately accepted and the rest is history. Overnight, Olivia became an insatiable adult starlet open to any and everything her sexy costars could come up with. Outside of the adult biz Olivia is married with two daughters, although she is not ashamed to admit to having several lovers on the side to satisfy her sexual cravings. She also loves to frequent the swing club scene, with her husband on a regular basis, the heat she radiates in her movies is not an act; Olivia genuinely loves sex! What more could you ask for in an adult starlet than to love her job and love her job she does.

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Olivia Del Rio


Katie St. Ives Mega Collection
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Katie St. Ives (born December 19, 1988 in Sherman Oaks, California) is an American porn star. She is also known as Katie Stives, Lilith Rose, Kerri. Her measurements are 34-25-35.

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Katie St. Ives

Juicey Janey - Pornstar Collection

Juicey Janey Mega Collection
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Juicey Janey is an amateur pornstar from England. Her career started in 2014. Her measurements are 38E-28-37.

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Juicey Janey


Jesse Pony Mega Collection
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Jesse Pony aka Electra Stone (born May 22, 1996) is a pornstar from Dallas, Texas, United States. She is 5'0" and weighs 110 lbs. Her measurements are 34C-25-32. She started her porn career in 2018.

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Jesse Pony

Freya Parker - Pornstar Collection

Freya Parker Mega Collection
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Freya Parker (born December 19, 2000) is a pornstar from Colorado, United States. Her measurements are 34-25-35. She started her career in 2020.

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Freya Parker

Tarra White - Pornstar Collection

Tarra White Mega Collection
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Tarra White, born as Martina Mrakviová, is a special story. You’ve heard of girls with lifelong dreams of being well-known sluts, but Tarra White knew deep down in her soul and up her pussy that she was destined for fuck stardom. During her teen years, while her friends were trying out for cheerleader squad, Tarra was practicing her high-heel striptease routine. Her dedication eventually took her to center stage at the nudie bar for a while, but even that action wasn’t big time enough. Tarra held fast to her conviction that she belonged naked, sweaty, and getting the hell fucked out of her on camera. Those cameras are currently loving every minute of Tarra. What a man-destroying hottie she is! Whether platinum blonde or fiery red hair, she’s got that ice-cold Slavic sexiness down to a science. She can make blood rush to your dick just by staring you down with her slutty and needy eyes. A nice tall girl with a healthy set of knockers puts this girl in the driver’s seat all the way to jizz land. Tarra is also a master at giving dicks sensual mouth massages, and there’s no rod too lengthy or girthy for her to handle. She welcomes bones up her ass as much as in her pussy, and loves going back and forth between all three of her holes. You might also recognize Tarra from her gig as a stripped-down news anchor on Red News – though it’s not exactly a headline-worthy fact that we all pack huge hard-ons for this babe.

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Tarra White

Katrina Jade - Pornstar Collection

Katrina Jade Mega Collection
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Katrina Jade (born October 31, 1991) is an American porn star, adult model, and stripper. Her measurements are 30G-24-34. Her career started in 2014.

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Katrina Jade

Jennifer Morante - Pornstar Collection

Jennifer Morante Mega Collection
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Jennifer Morante (born 1984 in Budapest) is a Hungarian porn star. She is also known as Jenifer Moranti, Adriana Durante, Jennifer Morrante, Jennifer, Bogie, Kate.

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Jennifer Morante

Serena Skye - Pornstar Collection

Serena Skye Mega Collection
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Serena Skye is an American adult model and porn star from Klamath Falls, Oregon. This babe will satisfy the needs of all Latina lovers who enjoy a nice pair of tits and a bubbly ass.

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Serena Skye

Bonny Bon - Pornstar Collection

Bonny Bon Mega Collection
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Bonny Bon (born October 8, 1976) is a Hungarian porn star and adult model known for her anal, fisting, and squirting performances. She is aka Bony White, Simona Xay, Simona Xais, Bonni Bone, Sandra Black, Bonnie Bond, Bonny Bo, Bony Bo, Bonnie Bon, Bonny Bone. Her measurements are 34-24-34.

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Bonny Bon


Jasmine Wilde Mega Collection
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Jasmine Wilde (born December 3, 1997) is a pornstar from Chicago, Illinois, United States. She is 5'5" and weighs 126 lbs. Her measurements are 36E-28-36. She started her porn career in 2021.

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Jasmine Wilde

Nata Ocean - Pornstar Collection

Nata Ocean Mega Collection
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Nata Ocean (born June 19, 1999) is an adult model from Latvia. In her career, she has worked with sites such as Nubiles, Femjoy, Secret Friends. Our records show that Nata Ocean is currently active which means she is still making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photo shoots. Her measurements are Laska, Nata, Nata H. Her measurements 34-24-32.

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Nata Ocean

Mathilda Fessier - Pornstar Collection

Mathilda Fessier Mega Collection
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Mathilda Fessier is a French pornstar born in 1981. She is also known as Mathilda Fessier, Sheila Caprice, Helena Winders, Viola Argento, Katyana, Mathylda Mai.

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Mathilda Fessier


Freya Mayer Mega Collection
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Freya Mayer (born July 28, 2000) is a porn star from Hungary. In her career, she has worked with sites such as A Girl Knows, IStripper, Viv Thomas. Her measurements are 33C-24-35.

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Freya Mayer

Naughty Blog Cover

Claudia Ferrari Mega Collection
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Claudia Ferrari aka Angel Madrid is from Budapest, Hungary. The gorgeous Eastern European is a pornstar and a true sexy angel. She is also known as Vanessa or Tina Crystal. The dark haired babe with green eyes is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs only 121 pounds. Her natural big tits gave her a long lasting success in the porn industry. Usually can be seen filming for Private studios.

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Claudia Ferrari

Lily Larimar - Pornstar Collection

Lily Larimar Mega Collection
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Lily Larimar was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on June 30, 1998. This super-cute girl has blonde hair, blue and cheerful eyes, and a wide and honest smile. Her petite body is hot from head to toe. She has a pair of magnificent tits that have a size of 32B. Her small ass is firm and simply perfect. She has two tattoos: a rose on the right hip and a landscape inside of the left forearm. Lily lost her virginity while she was in a high-school, with her boyfriend in his parent’s basement. She said that she has always been sexually charged. Her naughty nature is the main reason why she entered the adult industry. Lily was working as a webcam model for a small webcam studio a bit over a year. She said that she enjoyed it but she wanted to move to a higher level. Her measurements are 32B-23-30.

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Lily Larimar

Sheila Marie - Pornstar Collection

Sheila Marie Mega Collection
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Sheila Marie (born May 28, 1969, in Folsom, California, U.S.) is an American porn star and adult model. Her exotic looks is attributed to her mixed Mexican and Brazilian descent. She is known under many nicknames, such as Rossana, Rossana de la Vega, Rossana De La Vega (pre-boobjob), Rosanna Delavega, Rosanna Dela Vega, Rosana de la Vega, Mrs. Sheila, Sheila, Shayla Marie, Shelia Marie, Usha, Mahumari. She started her career in 2002 and is stil active up to this day. Her measurements are 37E-25-37.

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Sheila Marie


Isabela De Laa Mega Collection
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Isabela De Laa (born January 7, 2002) is a Czech Republic pornstar with Black hair and Blue eyes. Her measurements are 32A-31-35.

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Isabela De Laa

Ava Taylor - Pornstar Collection

Ava Taylor Mega Collection
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Ava Taylor (born June 14, 1995) is an American adult model from Chicago. Her measurements are 32B-25-32.

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Ava Taylor

Meridian - Pornstar Collection

Meridian Mega Collection
63 Videos | 11.25 GB

Meridian (born 1976 in Liberec) is a Czech porn star. She's known for her energetic, enthusiastic performances, intense orgasms and spectacular anal scenes. She is aka Meridiane, Bianca Aster, Swedlana, Bianca Astor, Rosy Bolton, Lana Storm, Svetlana, Svetlana Frolikova. Her meausrements are 32D-22-34.

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Leah Winters - Pornstar Collection

Leah Winters Mega Collection
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Leah Winters was born on July 18, 1996, in Portland, Oregon. She is a pretty brunette with a seductive smile and enchanting blue eyes. She is tall and has a harmoniously shaped body. Her tits are small and have a size of 32A and have their both nipples pierced. Leah’s ass is breathtaking, small and firm. She has nine tattoos on her body. She made the first one when she was 16. That is a tattoo of angel wings on her back. She lost her virginity with a guy who was her neighbor. She admitted that she hooked up on porn movies since she was really young. Watching porn always led her to madness. She is a hardworking young woman, who worked as a manager in a restaurant for a couple of years, and now when she isn’t in front of the camera, works as a deliverer for Door Dash Company. She was a stripper in the local club for a month. She was performing in a costume of Princess Leia from Star Wars movie. She likes winter the most of all seasons. That is how she became Leah Winters. Her measurements are 32A-24-34.

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Leah Winters

Codi Carmichael - Pornstar Collection

Codi Carmichael Mega Collection
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Codi Carmichael or Cadi Michael (born February 1, 1983) is an American porn star. Her measurements are 34-25-36. She started her career in 2008 and is still active today.

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Codi Carmichael

Emily Mayers - Pornstar Collection

Emily Mayers Mega Collection
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Emily Mayers (born December 23, 2000) is a porn star from Russia.In her career, she has worked with sites such as Viv Thomas, Evil Angel, Club Seventeen.

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Emily Mayers


Devon Lee Mega Collection
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What schoolboy or teenage pervert wouldn’t dream of getting a lesson in MILFology from this busty superstar? Here’s a cougar so wild that you could hear her pussy roar from a mile away. Devon Lee is true man-eater, and if the cock she’s served isn’t big enough, she’ll swallow the whole ball sack too, just to get her mouth stuffed as much as possible. Devon scores super high on the rackage scale with a pair of Double D fun-bags that can literally bury your whole face under each tit’s weight. When she spreads those boobs for a good tit fuck, it’s like a high-fashion runway for the luckiest cocks to do the back-and-forth strut. Devon knows how to spread the love, and although her tits are definite high points, her ass is a stunner too. She loves a good dick drilling up the butt as much as she adores taking those boner bangings in her pussy. Born and raised in the wholesome town of Linton, Indiana, Devon must’ve always dreamed of the spotlight and showing off her fuck-crazed figure, letting tits and ass glisten under the studio lights while she devours cock in every hole. This wonder slut has starred in over 300 movies and gets better with each one. As she approaches the coveted MILF stage of her life, we’re sure there’s no limit to how high her credits can reach. She is aka Devon.

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Devon Lee


Harley Haze Mega Collection
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Harley Haze (born September 29, 1987) is a pornstar from Canada. She is 6'0" and weighs 141 lbs. Her measurements are 34B-29-38. She started her porn career in 2016.

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Harley Haze

Jessie Volt - Pornstar Collection

Jessie Volt Mega Collection
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Jessie Volt is a sure way to send a high-charged kink wave right to the core of your perverse soul. She’ll get your bone growing faster than Jack’s beanstalk on steroid seeds. A tight blonde supermodel, Jessie is a killer babe who destroys pussies for breakfast, devours cocks for lunch, and takes in all kinds of orgiastic buffets in lieu of all-night dinner parties. Her medium tits are all real and really perfect, with divine nipples that would turn even the most lactose-intolerant person into a milk fiend. She’s skinny as hell and light as a feather, but her ass curves out just the right amount for some killer shape. Jessie was born in Bordeaux, France, and grew up surrounded by idyllic vineyards and long, hard baguettes. At 20 years old, she dove headfirst into pornography and didn’t wait a second before doing all kinds of interracial double-penetration scenes. She loves those cocks thick, black, and smeared in her own pussy and ass goo, and sucks them clean after every penetrating fuck job she gets. In her first year on the job, she won Best Female Performer of Europe at the Galaxy Awards, and has since taken a bunch of new nominations. Whether she’s getting her holes stretched, or using some toys to stretch other girls’ holes, Jessie is all about maximum gaping. Loving the taste of pussy, cock, and cum, Jessie’s cute little mouth is also always open for some dirty business.

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Jessie Volt

Lani Lane - Pornstar Collection

Lani Lane Mega Collection
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Lani Lane (born August 27, 1980) is a pornstar from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Her measurements are 36-24-35. She was actvie in years 2004-2006. She is also known as Loni, Lei Lani, Lani, Taylor, Lexi, Leilani.

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Lani Lane

Jada Stevens - Pornstar Collection

Jada Stevens Mega Collection
368 Videos | 566.79 GB

Jada Stevens (born July 4, 1988, in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.) is an American award-winning porn star, adult model, and stripper of Cherokee and Irish descent. She is also known as Jacia Stevens, Jada, Jade Stevens, Jayda Stevens. Her measurements are 32C-26-36.

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Jada Stevens

Luna Ruiz - Pornstar Collection

Luna Ruiz Mega Collection
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Luna Ruiz (born in Colombia) is a Colombian pornstar. Luna is a beautiful brunette, who has a certain inviting, virginal smile, but don't be fooled because she can get naughty in a heartbeat! Her innocent yet professional performance easily beats the pros. With her pristine, tight pussy and sultry eyes she can make any man cum in a second!

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Luna Ruiz


Paisley Porter Mega Collection
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Paisley Porter (aka Bailey Mattingly) is a unique porn star because of her appearance. You will be enchanted by the combination of her cute Barbie face and her thick body. She might have the face of a barely legal teen, but she has the curves of a hot Latina. With a lovely big phat ass, Paisley Porter is totally the PAWG girlfriend of your dreams. Because she has such a nice big rack, she decided to get her boobs enhanced at a young age. I’m glad she made that choice and I’m glad we get to see her curves in hardcore porn. Usually, when we talk about short girls, we talk about skinny ones. But Paisley Porter is a thick chick who looks great on camera. Her measurements are 34C-24-34.

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Paisley Porter

Stacy Silver - Pornstar Collection

Stacy Silver Mega Collection
102 Videos | 22.57 GB

Stacy Silver (born May 7, 1981 in Brno) is a Czech porn actress, adult model, and director. She began her career in the adult industry in 2001, by debuting in Odyssey Group’s video Pickup Babes 5. Since the beginning of her adult entertainment career she has performed in more than two hundred pornographic movies, mainly produced by Private Media Group. Much of her work include rough anal sex and double penetration. As a special tribute to her, in 2004 Private has released a compilation of Stacy’s best performances entitled “The Private Life of Stacy Silver”. From 2004 she is occasionally directing adult movies as well. Stacy retired in late-2006 from doing boy-girl scenes. She is aka Dana, Stacey Silver, Stacy Lovecock, Stacey Lovecock, Diana Manatova, Dana M., Dana A., Julie, Judit, Sasha, Staci Silver, Donna Tova. Her measurements are 36D-26-35.

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Stacy Silver


Eve Sweet Mega Collection
17 Videos | 19.51 GB

Eve Sweet (born April 8, 1995) is a pornstar from Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. She is 5'3" and weight 105 lbs. Her measurements are 35-24-32. She started her porn career in 2020 and is also active on OnlyFans.

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Eve Sweet

Clara Trinity - Pornstar Collection

Clara Trinity Mega Collection
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Amateur teen spinner Clara Trinity (born August 20, 2001) is a tight little package who is made to be fucked. This little kitty will let you make her purr if you ask nicely. Just take it slow because she's a little bit shy, but once she gets going she's eager to cum. She loves three things: shopping, big dick, and foreplay! With perky tits and a booty made for bouncing, this pint-sized pixie is an acrobatic performer who uses her small stature to her orgasmic advantage. Check out Clara Trinity in the scenes below. Her measurements are 32B-24-32.

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Clara Trinity

Aliza Rusk - Pornstar Collection

Aliza Rusk Mega Collection
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Aliza was born on January 28, 1974 in Riga, Latvian SSR, USSR. She is a pornographic actress actress.

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Aliza Rusk

Lexi Belle - Pornstar Collection

Lexi Belle Mega Collection
827 Videos | 449.05 GB

Jessica McComber aka Lexi Belle is an American pornographic actress, known for her baby face and sweet and tender appearance. This ravishing blonde became popular the moment she entered the porn industry, which eventually led to many award nominations, such as AVN for Best New Starlet and more, but she received her very first industry award in 2010, by the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) – she was named the year's Cream Dream. This sweet porn girl is so cherished by her fans - one fan admires her so much he had her name tattooed on his body. Her fans state that Lexi Belle is so cute you could never imagine her doing anything dirty, especially on camera and that this might be one of the reasons she’s had such a strong career in the adult industry. Her measurements are 32C-24-33.

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Lexi Belle

Jenny Hendrix - Pornstar Collection

Jenny Hendrix Mega Collection
95 Videos | 25.80 GB

Jenny Hendrix (born April 5, 1986 in Florida, USA) is an American pornographic actress and model. She began her career in 2004 at the age of 18. Since her first appearance in the South Florida-based Captain Stabbin series (under the alias of Hannah) she has been featured in over forty other titles, including Elegant Angel's 2006 and 2007 AVN award-winning "Big Wet Asses" series. She is a former Hawaiian Tropic and Rockstar Energy Drink model, and also a former exotic dancer. Jenny had a featured role in Jay Woelfel's 2007 independent horror film Live Evil and an appearance in the music videos for "I'm in Miami Trick" by LMFAO. and "10 Miles" by Escape the Fate. Her other nicknames are Jenny Hendricks, Jenni Hendrix, Hannah Hendrix, Jordan, Hot Haley, Hannah. Her measurements are 34D-24-36.

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Jenny Hendrix

Alia Janine - Pornstar Collection

Alia Janine Mega Collection
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You might be laughing at her shtick today, but before Alia Janine was flexing her standup comedy chomps, she was flexing her throat and pussy, and instead of laughing, you were making your penis weep with creamy tears. Alia is one of those wonder sluts who’s just so damn multitalented. Of course, her talents began with her killer body and fiendish looks. She’s got a tight figure and flat stomach along with a whopping set of real fun-bags. Her tits hang like works of art at the Louvre, except touching is highly encouraged, as is grabbing, squeezing, biting, and spreading them apart to slide a boner in the cleavage. Alia was born in Milwaukee, home of beer brewing, cheese making, and horny Midwestern sluts who just want to please. She took the usual slut route from model, to dancer, to porn star, and breezed through all the stages of her career like she breezes through blowjobs, pussy worshipping, and cunt-slamming gigs. With her mature looks and sophisticated attitude, Alia always played the hungry cougar or perfect MILF, with legions of horny young jerkers idolizing her domineering performances. Alia’s also gone above and beyond the main genres, because every now and then, she needs a big black cock to put her in her place. Occasionally, she can be convinced to spread open her chunky butt cheeks for some heavy anal excavation, which will blow your mind and your balls into White MILF Oblivion.

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Alia Janine

Chelsea Charms - Pornstar Collection

Chelsea Charms Mega Collection
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Chelsea Charms (born on March 7, 1976 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota) is an American adult model and exotic dancer. Chelsea's breasts began developing at an early age. Before becoming a big bust model, Chelsea was a dancer with natural D cup breasts. Chelsea decided to become a model and got breast implants. She first increased her bust size to E cup, and her second augmentation increased her size to HH cup. Both augmentations were saline implants. Her enormous measurements are 81-23-34.

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Chelsea Charms


Elena Vedem Mega Collection
18 Videos | 21.33 GB

Elena Vedem (born February 2, 1998) is one of those stunning beauties who were kind enough to join the porn industry, since they are so gorgeous, they could become models. Her face is abundant in naughty sensuality. Her eyes are that shade of blue which inspires a wild sexuality. She is the definition of glamour porn star and she joined the industry in 2019. Her skinny natural body is the dream of any nubile fan. Although she is this gorgeous, she is also wild. She doesn’t even need to prove herself in castings. When directors see her, they know they struck porn gold. Some girls start out in solo movies on small sites. Some other girls are shooting casting after casting on couch after couch. But not Elena Vedem. She is a special kind of porn star. She had her debut on the top shelf of porn. Her first movies can be found on Vixen and Tushy, two of the most wonderful glamcore sites on the internet.

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Elena Vedem

Skye Blue - Pornstar Collection

Skye Blue Mega Collection
25 Videos | 143.23 GB

Skye Blue (born June 28, 1996) is an American adult model and porn star. She is the Playboy Muse for January 2019. Her measurements are 33-26-32.

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Skye Blue

Little Miss Elle - Pornstar Collection

Little Miss Elle Mega Collection
29 Videos | 12.05 GB

Little Miss Elle is a webcam girl.

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Little Miss Elle

Carmen Valentina - Pornstar Collection

Carmen Valentina Mega Collection
36 Videos | 45.82 GB

Carmen Valentina has been doing movies since 2010 with such works such as I Know That Girl (I Got A Sexy Little Outfit), Dare Dorm 4, and Superbound. One interesting thing about her prior work, except First Class Fuck that produced in 2015, is that she has five other works archived for unknown reasons. These archived movies include Small Chicks Like Big Dick, Addicted to Dick Too, Girls, Girls, Girls, Tuna Helper, and Poolside Pounding. Some films that she acted in this year has mostly just been from the Girl Next Door Bondage series to which she has been a part of three very kinky episodes, but comparing all her movies, there is one common theme that even is shown from her earliest works till now. She is also known as Sofia Ressin, Melanie. Her measurements are 34-26-36.

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Carmen Valentina

AJ Applegate - Pornstar Collection

AJ Applegate Mega Collection
62 Videos | 90.37 GB

A.J. Applegate (born September 23, 1989) is an American pornographic actress. Applegate was born in Massapequa, New York and raised in Connecticut. She is of Italian and German descent. She was a dancer and cheerleader for 14 years prior to her porn career. Applegate began working as a stripper when she was 19 years old at the Gold Club in Hartford, Connecticut. She later worked as a nude model, fetish model and dance teacher.

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AJ Applegate


Katrina Moreno Mega Collection
43 Videos | 90.82 GB

Katrina Moreno (born December 12, 1989) is a sexy Uruguayan actress whose big tits will turn you on in a second. You will fall in love with her at first sight; her beauty is simply amazing. She has a height that presents nothing else but a lot of sexiness. She has a killer smile and eyes that are full of naughtiness and seduction.Katrina recently celebrated her first anniversary since joining the porn industry in November 2016. She does not openly say what made her decide to join the world of porn, but you can clearly notice her love for sex. Katrina loves being naughty, and in the porn industry is the best avenue for that. It is true that she cannot find satisfaction from only one person, so she seeks a variety of men and women as well.

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Katrina Moreno

Rita Argiles - Pornstar Collection

Rita Argiles Mega Collection
40 Videos | 11.68 GB

Rita Argiles (born September 26, 1985) is a pornstar from Czech Republic. She is aka Rita Peach, Romanetta Rose, Romaneta Rosse, Rita Kubilova and her measurements are 38C-25-33.

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Rita Argiles


Charly Summer Mega Collection
55 Videos | 110.96 GB

Charly Summer (born May 21, 2000) is a pornstar from Los Angeles, California, United States. She is 5'2" and weighs 95 lbs. Her measurements are 32C-24-34. She started her porn career in 2020.

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Charly Summer

Rosalyn Sphinx - Pornstar Collection

Rosalyn Sphinx Mega Collection
74 Videos | 78.38 GB

Rosalyn Sphinx was born on July 9, 1999, in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a long, wavy, brown hair and interesting, grayish color of eyes. Her tight body is jeweled with pair on nice 32B tits and sturdy little ass. Her meaty pussy is simply adorable. She has several tattoos on her body - Japanese cherry blossoms and Chinese character on her left shoulder, a script on her upper back and a head of a three-eyed cat on her right thigh. She pierced her right nostril and her navel. This girl had lost her virginity in a park with her former boyfriend, when she was 15. Since then, she had slept with nine guys and with more than thirteen girls. As you may conclude, she is bi-sexual, but when she masturbates, she usually thinks about girls. She is one of the rare girls in the porn industry whose parents know what she does for a living and to them - the only important thing is Rosalyn’s happiness. Her measurements are 32B-24-34.

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Rosalyn Sphinx

Dolly Golden - Pornstar Collection

Dolly Golden Mega Collection
62 Videos | 9.36 GB

French porn star, Dolly Golden took the hardcore porn world by storm with her debut in 1996. This thick-chested sex goddess was born outside of Paris in 1976 in Haute-Savoie. This lusty, busty starlet brought an eager attitude and exhibitionist mentality with her that drew her toward a porn career. This curvy vixen received a degree in international trade before she started getting into the adult film business. Dolly has a whopping 36D-25-35 set of curves to her that is just slightly better than what nature had intended for this little minx. She is known for having one of the most delectable asses ever seen in the business, which is how she came up with Golden as her last name like golden apples.

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Dolly Golden

Karlee Grey - Pornstar Collection

Karlee Grey Mega Collection
92 Videos | 98.98 GB

Karlee Grey or Karlie Grey (born January 25, 1994) is an American porn star and adult model of Brazilian and Italian descent. She was Twistys Treat of the Month for February 2018. Her measurements are 36E-27-36.

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Karlee Grey

Jessica May - Pornstar Collection

Jessica May Mega Collection
22 Videos | 4.53 GB

Jessica May (born May 23, 1979) is a pornstar from Czech Republic. Her measaurements are 32-24-34 and is also known as Dee Loan, Jessica Mai.

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Jessica May

Bella Rose - Pornstar Collection

Bella Rose Mega Collection
70 Videos | 91.51 GB

Bella is a girl that is not only sweet but as tiny as she is tight. If you are looking to see someone innocent get turned into a slut, then this is your girl. She hasn't been in the industry for long, so the chances are that this is your first time hearing about her today. You might be a hipster and heard of her first on such sites as Digital Sin, but she doesn't seem to work with one company for a long time. Kittens and Cougars 10 was her first movie that was lesbian only and released last year by the people at Zero Tolerance. Watch What Your Mommy Does came out this year and is a web scene that you can see on teamskeet.com. Do I think we will see more of her? Look past the fact that she only has 15 films then you will notice a pretty decent track record. Her measurements are 32B-24-34.

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Bella Rose

Michelle Wild - Pornstar Collection

Michelle Wild Mega Collection
99 Videos | 14.13 GB

Michelle Wild, (born 16 January 1980 in Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary) is a Hungarian actress and retired porn star who worked mainly for Private Media Group (international) and LUXx Video (Hungary). It’s getting harder and harder to stand out among all the great sexy sluts coming out of Hungary these days, but damn if Michelle Wild doesn’t cut miles ahead of the line with a VIP pass right to our testicle party. Michelle is a true cock junky who can be found any time of the day drooling over some meaty shaft and making herself gladly gag on the thickest and longest dongs. No cock in the biz can stay flaccid for a millisecond near Michelle; her looks just ooze sex appeal from every pore, every glance, and every hole. She’s got the face of a dream doll, with wide doe eyes and a wider smile for offering up her famous beejers or for lapping up pussy. Michelle is as thin as a rail but with a great soft rack and an incredibly bubbly butt you’d think could pop any moment from a good poking. Well, her ass has certainly stood the test of time and endurance, because this fuck kitten loves taking it in her anal canal. Since working under the tutelage of the infamous Rocco Siffredi, Michelle is a firm believer in the virtues of nasty, filthy and insanely sweaty fuck-a-thons, and her several awards and hundred movies all testify to her talents. She is aka Michelle Wilde, Katalin, Katia, Timea, Katalin Vad. Her real name is Katalin Vad, and “Vad” in Hungarian means “Wild” in English, so you know she’s not lying about her crazy fuck antics.

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Michelle Wild


Celestina Blooms Mega Collection
15 Videos | 19.49 GB

Celestina Blooms (born January 13, 1999) is a pornstar from the United Stated. She is 5'6" and weighs 110 lbs. Her measurements are 34B-26-35. She started her porn career in 2021.

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Celestina Blooms

Leah Lee - Pornstar Collection

Leah Lee Mega Collection
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Leah Lee was born on July 25, 1999, in Tampa, Florida. Her pretty face will knock you off your feet the moment you see her. She has long blonde hair, brown eyes and a smile that disarms. Her body is fit and perfect. She has a nice pair of tits, which have a size of 34C. Her ass is firm and perfectly shaped. She has a sun tattooed on the left side of the lower abdomen and a tattoo inside of the right forearm. She recently removed piercings from her nipples. She is a student at Community College in Florida. Leah has been fostering the idea of joining the porn industry from her teen days, and now she is living her dream. She is also known as Kodakswisher, Lea Lee. Her measurements are 34C-24-34.

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Leah Lee

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Belinha Baracho Mega Collection
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Belinha Baracho brings her Miami party girl lifestyle to your living room in porn films that show off all the caliente style and hardcore sex appeal of her Latina mindset. Belinha Baracho has a big ass built for fucking and sweet natural tits that beg to be fondled. Toss her dress off to the side, pull her panties away from that sexy pussy and get your fuck on while she cums all over your cock! Safe Free Tube videos give you all the pleasure with none of the guilt and that's the best way to enjoy a girl like Belinha!

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Belinha Baracho


Whitney Westgate Mega Collection
149 Videos | 194.76 GB

Whitney Westgate (born January 31, 1994, in Middletown, New Jersey, U.S.) is an American porn star and adult model. She was Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 2013. She is also known as Whitney, Alexis Myers. Her measurements are 32D-24-28.

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Whitney Westgate

Tiffany Diamond - Pornstar Collection

Tiffany Diamond Mega Collection
83 Videos | 17.04 GB

Tiffany Diamond (born Monday 15th of September 1980) is a Hungarian posntar that started nude modeling in 2001 at the age of 21, and she retired after 2008. She has done solo, lesbian and hardcore scenes and photo shoots. Her measuremensta re 34B-23-34. She is aka Tiffany Rose or Sweet Tiffany.

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Tiffany Diamond

Kate Kennedy - Pornstar Collection

Kate Kennedy Mega Collection
69 Videos | 75.64 GB

Kate Kennedy (born April 13, 1994) is an American pornstar from Los Angeles, California. Her measurements are 30C-25-32.

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Kate Kennedy