Carla Crouz - Pornstar Collection

Carla Crouz Mega Collection
23 Videos | 20.97 GB

Carla Crouz (born March 14, 1992) is a hungarian pornstar. She is aka Carla Cross, Carla Cruz. She weighs 62 kg - 136 lbs and is 177 cm - 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

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Carla Crouz

Kapri Styles - Pornstar Collection

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Kapri Styles is an American porn star renowned for her hardcore scenes and big "ghetto booty" especially due her butt's size in relation to her very petite frame. Initially her measurements were 32AA-19-36 before getting breast implants in 2009. Whether it’s white dicks, black dicks or even girl tongues, everything looks good being inserted into Kapri. When you want some dark-ass eye candy to help you in a tug-along, what are the things you look for? Big round fat booty? Of course. Thick and swollen purple pussy lips? You bet! Smooth chocolaty skin that shines in the heat of the funk? For sure! Luscious cock-hugging lips? Absolutely! So let us introduce the amazingly sweet and sexy Kapri Styles. Despite her name, the only time Styles is being capricious is when her G-spot senses a hard dick poking around. This girl has also got some wicked style, and we’re not just talking about her kinky outfits. Her style ranges from mad blowing skills to ridonkulous ass-popping action. She’s got those thick mocha power thighs you just want to squeeze around your face and make your brain pop. Kapri really does do it all and loves every minute of her nastiness. Her ass has seen so much dick pumping, it’s possible she has penis-enlarging proteins hidden up there. Her whole body is one smooth curve of fuck flesh snaking down and around those mad hips. In case you think we’ve forgotten Kapri’s upper-body strengths, don’t worry, because her tits are so smooth and tasty, they’re probably stuffed with Viagra-laced chocolate pudding. Kapri is just an all-out gorgeous face atop a sick-ass body who’s always willing to get it on with anybody, anywhere. She is aka Kapri Stylez, Capri Styles, Kapri, Capre, Capri.

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Kapri Styles

Holly Halston - Pornstar Collection

Holly Halston Mega Collection
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Holly Halston (born December 31, 1974 in Hollywood, California, USA) is an American porn star. The age-old riddle goes like this: Were MILFs made to have big tits, or were big tits made for MILFs? Holly Halston seems to be the solution to this quandary. She’s a mega MILF who’s got the rack to attract the young meat. Her tits are so big they overpower anyone’s resistance to her charms. If Holly was your girlfriend's hot mother, you'd be in major trouble when you visit for Sunday dinner. Try and scream and this pushy MILF will shut you up with a mouthful of fat tit. She’s got that cleavage runway for long hard dick sliding, poking up at the chin and spraying her chesticles down with some pearl-colored splatter art. Whether she’s platinum blonde or jet black raven, Holly can make a man’s eyeballs get a boner. Speaking of boners, Holly feels so right at home with the longest yard stretching down her gullet, you’d think she was destined to suck cock. The way she takes it up her pink palace and rides it into brown-town is so damn ball-blowingly raunchy, you’re going to need a shower just from clicking on a link. Holly might be in the mature stage of her game but she still plays harder than most budding starlets who could only dream of racking up the praise just like Holly does. Fans around the world are justified in calling Holly America’s Naughtiest MILF, and you’d be fully justified in milking your own bone several times a day watching her. She is also known as Ms. Holly, Mrs. Holly, Holly Holsten, Holly Holston, Holly.

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Holly Halston

Belle De Leon - Pornstar Collection

Belle De Leon Mega Collection
7 Videos | 2.08 GB

Belle De Leon (born August 4, 1984) is an ebony babe who was active in years 2006-2008. Her measurements are 36D-28-38. She is aldo known as Belle O' Leon, Belle D' Leon or just Belle.

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Belle De Leon

Cony Ferrara - Pornstar Collection

Cony Ferrara Mega Collection
71 Videos | 19.60 GB

Cony Ferrara (born August 16, 1982) is a Hungarian porn star. Cony is a pornstar known under many nicknames, such as Ani Blonde, Connie Ferrara, Aniko, Enniko, Anna Corvi, Stefania Romie, Sophia, Lucy, Roxanne, Gyaga, Lisa, Claudia Consuelo or Manuela Mazza or Elisabetta Del Garda, Vanessa, Amy Flashentine, Conny Ferrara, Anna Corvi, Aniko, Enniko, Gyagya, Liza. Her measurements are 36D-23-32.

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Cony Ferrara

Sunny Skies - Pornstar Collection

Sunny Skies Mega Collection
17 Videos | 5.70 GB

Sunny Skies (born May 31, 1986) is a pornstar from Hungary. Her measurements are 35-24-36.

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Sunny Skies

Judith Fox - Pornstar Collection

Judith Fox Mega Collection
70 Videos | 18.62 GB

Judith Fox (born Real Name Judit Acs, 5 February 1980 (age 36)) is a pornographic whore and hooker. She is also known as Judit Fox, Judith, Judit, Stacy and her measurements are 34B-24-33.

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Judith Fox

Lana Moore - Pornstar Collection

Lana Moore Mega Collection
36 Videos | 5.70 GB

Lana Moore (born June 8, 1982) is an American porn star. She is aka Lana Coxx, Lana Cox. Her measurements are 36-26-34.

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Lana Moore

Callie Dee - Pornstar Collection

Callie Dee Mega Collection
10 Videos | 3.28 GB

Callie Dee or Calli Dee (born January 2, 1988) is a young American porn star who began working in October 2008 with the Gold Star Modeling agency[1]. As of the beginning of 2010, she has starred in less than 10 feature films and has worked for a number of websites including, and Her measurements are 36-28-38.

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Callie Dee

Kim Chambers - Pornstar Collection

Kim Chambers Mega Collection
93 Videos | 17.91 GB

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Kim Chambers

Suzana Scott - Pornstar Collection

Suzana Scott Mega Collection
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Suzana Scott (or Suzana Scoot) is a retired Brazilian porn star. She was active in years 2005-2011.

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Suzana Scott

Cheyenne Silver - Pornstar Collection

Cheyenne Silver Mega Collection
147 Videos | 25.79 GB

Cheyenne Silver (Cara Fawn) (born July 18, 1978) is a former American pornstar. Born in San Clemente, California, she is of Native American (Cherokee, Choctaw), Franco-Irish heritage. Fawn danced under the stage name Wildcat, a name she also used when she initially transitioned to adult films. She has appeared in over 70 films, including No Man's Land, Fever, Secrets of the Flesh, Freshmen Fantasies, California Cocksuckers, The Wicked Temptress, Bloodrite, Pure Bliss, Third Date and This Girl's Life. She was under contract with Vivid Entertainment. She is aka Wildcat, Cheyenne, Cheyanne Silver, Cheyenee Silver, Cheynne Silver, Cara Fawn. Her measurements are 36D-24-36.

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Cheyenne Silver

Cecilia De Lys - Pornstar Collection

Cecilia De Lys Mega Collection
42 Videos | 29.31 GB

Cécilia de Lys or Cecilya De Lys (born 1992 in Saint-Céré, Midi-Pyrénées) is a French adult model and porn star. She started her career in 2014.

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Cecilia De Lys

Lori Alexia - Pornstar Collection

Lori Alexia Mega Collection
72 Videos | 14.88 GB

Lori Alexia (1980–2011) was a porn star from Barbados Islands. Alexia was shot twice by her boyfriend Woody Borgella in Brooklyn, New York. According to Borgella's confession to the police the couple had had an argument and Alexia pulled a knife on him which led to him pulling his gun out which accidentally went off, shooting her in the head and in the chest. Paramedics rushed Alexia to Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, where she died a short time after arrival. Her measurements are 34D-22-34. She is aka Alexia, Lori, Penna Piererra.

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Lori Alexia

Lilly Peterson - Pornstar Collection

Lilly Peterson Mega Collection
18 Videos | 13.16 GB

Lilly Peterson (born January 29, 1975) is a Czech adult model and porn star. Her other nicknames are Laura, Laura Blonde, Sevikova, Paulina W.

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Lilly Peterson

Sunny Mckay - Pornstar Collection

Sunny Mckay Mega Collection
44 Videos | 5.70 GB

Coming straight from the Land Down Under, Australian sex bomb Sunny McKay was discovered and introduced to the porn world by director John T. Bone in 1989. With her centerfold good looks, love and enthusiasm for sex, and willingness to do just about anything on screen, Sunny McKay is the epitome of porn starlet. Her debut was in Behind Blue Eyes 3, and since then she has churched out nearly 100 scorchers including Buttman’s European Vacation and Diedre in Danger. Most definitely a firecracker between the sheets, she is never disappointing in on screen sizzle.

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Sunny Mckay

Desi Foxx - Pornstar Collection

Desi Foxx Mega Collection
27 Videos | 8.36 GB

Desi Foxx (born March 18, 1960) is a retired American porn star and adult model. Desi is the mother of teen pornstar Elli Foxx whom she followed into the business in 2008 - apparently to keep an eye her. They promptly promoted themselves as being the first genuine Mother and Daughter porn star team and toured popular US talk shows (such as Howard Stern's show) in advance of the release of their first video together. Her measurements are 36D-26-36. She is also known as Desi, Desi Fox, Desi Foxxx, Dezi Foxx.

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Desi Foxx

Christy Canyon - Pornstar Collection

Christy Canyon Mega Collection
164 Videos | 16.14 GB

Christy Canyon (born Melissa Bardizbanian on June 17, 1966 in Pasadena, California, USA) is a retired American porn star. Christy deserves every bit of jizz that legions of wanking fans have spilled in her honor, throughout decades of solid entertainment. When staring down the annals of porno history, there is one face, one set of tits, and one sweet vagina that will look you back in the eye and grab you by the balls: Christy Canyon. Christy has been stripping down and spreading open her goods in more than one era of kinky evolution. She was sucking cock and getting reamed in the ‘80s, she was taking facials and squirting her cunt off again in the ‘90s, and she’s even done some wicked filthy comeback action in the 2000s and beyond. In her time as a leading lady of boudoir cinema, she’s been inducted into both the AVN and the XRCO Hall of Fame. As far as experience goes, Christy has mastered the art of oral satisfaction and vaginal boner-hugging. She was, is and always will be a super four-alarm hottie who’s gone through every look, from spunky young slut to sultry, seductive MILF. With her juicy milk udders, she could make titty fans start drooling harder than Pavlov’s dog in a bell factory. She’s got that great-looking vintage hairy muff that tons of dudes and broads have sucked and inhaled for her pleasure. When she’s bent over, taking it from behind, you can tell that her ass has been working overtime and is still not ready to quit. She is aka Christie Canyon, Cristy Canyon, Deedee, Linda Daniel, Missy, Sara Wine, Tara Wine.

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Christy Canyon

Cherokee - Pornstar Collection

Cherokee Mega Collection
162 Videos | 38.79 GB

Cherokee (born January 12, 1982 (age 35)) is one spicy specimen bearing fat tits and juicy ass. This girl who hails from Kentucky knows a thing or two about Southern hospitality, especially when she’s entertaining a hard meat stick. It wasn’t long after Cherokee matured into the full-bodied girl she is today, that she packed up the junk in her trunk and headed out west to sunny California. Once she felt that Pacific air tickle her skin, this girl just had to shed some clothes and wow the natives with her assets. Cherokee’s tits are like sexy pound cakes fresh out of the oven: warm, tasty, heavy and guaranteed to raise your cholesterol from excitement. When this girl gets on all fours, doggy style, to take some backend pummeling, her tits swing back and forth more than Ohio voters during the presidential election. You could literally juice up your cock muscles just by squeezing your dick in her tight cleavage and pumping reps right into her chin. Cherokee is another fan favorite because it is so apparent how much she loves being a dirty slut. When she fucks, she’s in such ecstasy, it’s as if she was being penetrated by a chorus of heavenly angels all equipped with GPS coordinates right to her G-spot. Then there’s that big brown ass, which Cherokee could use to summon all earthly boners just by spreading and shutting her jiggly butt cheeks. When it’s all said and done, Cherokee always needs one last taste of her own sex juices which she gladly sucks off any dick that’s been up inside her. Her measurements are 36C-24-34. She is aka Brunette Bombshell.

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Gabriella Romano - Pornstar Collection

Gabriella Romano Mega Collection
35 Videos | 9.38 GB

Gabriella Romano or Gabrielle Romano (born October 14, 1985) is an American porn star. Her measurements are 34C-24-34.

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Gabriella Romano

Taylor Lynn - Pornstar Collection

Taylor Lynn Mega Collection
20 Videos | 4.72 GB

Taylor Lynn (born January 5, 1976) is a retired American porn star. She was active in years 2002-2008. Her measurements are 34-25-35. She is also known as Taylor Lane, Taylor.

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Taylor Lynn

Marie Luv - Pornstar Collection

Marie Luv Mega Collection
37 Videos | 13.19 GB

Chocolate starlet Marie Luv is a foxy dish. A sensual delight, she’s easy to appreciate for her striking good looks and her gift for fucking wildly on camera. Drooled over by men everywhere, she got her start in the public eye as a mainstream model. But she’s too hot to stand around for pics with her clothes on, so when she got scouted by Hustler, she jumped at the chance to appear in the magazine. This jumpstarted her path to porno where, from 2000 up until now, she’s appeared in around 500 scenes and counting. She took a break in the mid-2000s when disapproving friends and some of her more prudish family members discovered she was a hardcore star, but she returned to the industry when her mother finally gave her daughter to pursue what truly makes her happy and horny. Thank you, Momma Luv! If it weren't for you, we’d have lost this vixen. She must have quite the rad family and genetic set, as her brother Nick Da'Kannon is also a pornstar. Marie Luv is no one-trick pony, either… POV, anal, interracial, rough sex – it’s all in her repertoire. Oddly enough, she waited a long time to go girl/girl. Many women in the field feel comfortable in the soft hands of another lady, and many start off in lesbian scenes before graduating up to hard cock. But Marie didn’t dyke it out until after she had her first lesbian experience in her personal life away from the cameras. That good time convinced her to start working pussy professionally. Plus, to add to her list of accomplishments, she’s also a director who knows how to shoot perfect smut. No wonder her mom is proud!

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Marie Luv

Rita Cardinale - Pornstar Collection

Rita Cardinale Mega Collection
41 Videos | 6.13 GB

Rita Cardinale (born February 22, 1975) is a retired Hungarian porn star. She is aka Rita Geil, Rita Diamond, Bianca Ascari, Rita Cardinale, Rita Szabo, Rita and her measurements are 34C-25-36.

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Rita Cardinale

Leanna Sweet - Pornstar Collection

Leanna Sweet Mega Collection
50 Videos | 22.34 GB

Leanna Sweet (born July 18, 1987) is a Hungarian porn star. Her measurements are 34C-23-36. Her aliases are also Leanna Love, Leanne Sweet.

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Leanna Sweet

Jasmine Byrne - Pornstar Collection

Jasmine Byrne Mega Collection
146 Videos | 35.97 GB

The Mexican woman was born in 1985 and comes from Riverside, California. In school, Jasmine loved to play sports and had an athletic physique that she got from playing soccer and other activities. When she turned 18 though, she realized she loved sex. She would seek it out in various forms, and do the nasty up to 5 times per day, not even always with the same stud. This shows that she really is just a perfect fit for making porno videos. How did a sexy Latina woman like Jasmine Byrne go from being a simple waitress to a popular porn star? Easy. She answered an ad in the newspaper. At first Jasmine was nervous, since she didn’t realize she would be doing hardcore fucking and sucking right away, but she decided that it was a good way to make some money and feed her voracious sexual appetite at the same time. Her measurements are 36B-24-36. She is also known as Jazmine, Jasmyn Lopez, Jasmine, Jasmin Lopez, Esmeralda, Jasmine Bryne.

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Jasmine Byrne

Kathy Liu - Pornstar Collection

Kathy Liu Mega Collection
11 Videos | 2.07 GB

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Kathy Liu

Lux Neon - Pornstar Collection

Lux Neon Mega Collection
59 Videos | 29.29 GB

Lux Neon is a Centerfold from United States. She was born on January 13, 1991. She is also known as TemptressLux.

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Lux Neon

Taylor Rain - Pornstar Collection

Taylor Rain Mega Collection
245 Videos | 44.34 GB

Taylor Rain (born August 16, 1981 in Long Beach, California) is a retired American former pornographic actress. Rain first entered the pornographic video industry in November 2001. By October 2003, she estimated that she had shot between 200 and 250 scenes. She signed an exclusive two-year performing contract with Legend Video, which would allow her to cut back on the number of scenes she shot and provided her a private chauffeur so that she could arrive at her sets in a timely manner. However, Legend released her from her contract less than a month later, and she considered retirement. She took a brief hiatus from performing. Her measurements are 34B-22-32.

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Taylor Rain

Jillian Foxxx - Pornstar Collection

Jillian Foxxx Mega Collection
31 Videos | 8.82 GB

Jillian Foxxx (born September 29, 1958) is an American porn star from Cypress, California. She is also known as Jullian Foxxx, Gillian Foxx, Jillian Foxx. Her measurements are 34C-28-35.

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Jillian Foxxx

Cindy Lords - Pornstar Collection

Cindy Lords Mega Collection
90 Videos | 17.72 GB

Cindy Lords (born January 13, 1984) is a Hungarian porn star. She is aka Alexandra, Cindy Lord, Cindy Black, Cindi Black. Her measurements are 34-24-36.

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Cindy Lords

Lynn Stone - Pornstar Collection

Lynn Stone Mega Collection
96 Videos | 26.00 GB

Lynn Stone (born July 18, 1979) is a pornstar from Prague, Czech Republic. Her measurements are 34-23-35. Her other aliases are Amanda Angel, Amanda Warren, Fatima Cosa, Linda Lenja, Linda Stone.

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Lynn Stone

Tegan James - Pornstar Collection

Tegan James Mega Collection
14 Videos | 9.92 GB

Tegan James (born June 24, 1980) is a pornstar from California, United States. Her measurements are 32F-24-34.

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Tegan James

Sandy Sweet - Pornstar Collection

Sandy Sweet Mega Collection
30 Videos | 6.36 GB

Sandy Sweet is a Porn Star from United States. She was born in Ventura, CA on July 24, 1987. Nicknamed the sweetest girl in porn, she’d give you a ball-ache before a toothache unless you’re ready in meat-beating mode. Super attracted to both boys and girls, Sandy got started in the hardcore biz seconds after her 18th birthday, and before her friends could finish singing, ‘for she’s a jolly good fellow’, Sandy was already tongue-deep in a chick’s tight asshole and getting her delicious pussy reamed. Sandy Sweet was always a curious teen when it came to sex. Sandy is one tasty fuck treat to look at it, with her shiny, straight brunette hair that frames her doll-like face, big trusting eyes, and cute rouge lips. What a sexy mix of origins, too; she’s half Swedish and half Colombian, mixing that spicy Latina horniness with that liberal Scandinavian attitude toward fucking. Sandy rocks a tasty set of creamsicle-sized tits that perk up on their own when she gets excited. Her ass is petite but with just enough firm flesh for a fun doggy-style bumping, with her fuck-slit and butthole always peeking out from between those cheeks. She’s a pro at getting herself off, and she shares her finger-banging skills with her girlfriends as much as possible. When she’s not talking dirty, it’s probably because her mouth is being expanded by a thick boner, easing in and out of her suck-hole. When it’s fuck time, her super-tight snatch needs some good pleasing before it’s finally ready to enter the bone zone.

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Sandy Sweet

Chloe Lacourt - Pornstar Collection

Chloe Lacourt Mega Collection
48 Videos | 63.15 GB

Chloe Lacourt (born July 16, 1994 (age 22)) is a French porn star. She is also known as Chloé Lacourt and her measurements are 32D-24-35. Chloe Lacourt loves being a woman. She loves feeling sexy, wearing high heels and dabbing on the most perfect perfume to set the mood. Expect to see her in lots of silky lingerie and matching bra and panty sets as she strips and plays with herself for you.

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Chloe Lacourt

Madison Parker - Pornstar Collection

Madison Parker Mega Collection
161 Videos | 61.25 GB

Slim and sexy brunette knockout Madison Parker was born Zsanett Froschl on June 21, 1989 in Budapest, Hungary. The dark-haired stunner first began performing in explicit hardcore movies at age 18 in 2007; she has appeared in X-rated features for such notable companies as Evil Angel, Kick Ass Pictures, Jules Jordan Video, 21 Sextury, New Sensations, and Wicked Pictures. Parker was nominated for a Hot D'Or Award for Best European Starlet in 2009 and an AVN Award for Female Foreign Performer of the Year in 2010. Moreover, Madison has also worked for various adult websites that include Twistys and

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Madison Parker

Brittany Bardot - Pornstar Collection

Brittany Bardot Mega Collection
38 Videos | 37.78 GB

Brittany Bardot (born December 19, 1988) is an American adult model. Her measurements are 34D-24-34.

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Brittany Bardot

Kerry Marie - Pornstar Collection

Kerry Marie Mega Collection
144 Videos | 20.12 GB

Kerry Marie was born on December 9, 1978 in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England. She is an actress, known for On Location Key Largo (2001) and Fiona Cooper 2001 Christmas Video (2001).

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Kerry Marie

Tyler Faith - Pornstar Collection

Tyler Faith Mega Collection
90 Videos | 16.57 GB

Tyler Faith (born April 3, 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American porn actress. Tyler Faith has been an adult actress since 2002, working for Pleasure Productions and Jill Kelly Productions where she appeared in over 100 scenes. Tyler is now the CEO of her own company, Team Tyler Productions. She is reportedly currently engaged to her business partner, KSEX Radio's Program Director, Wankus.
Originally from Boston, Faith began her career nearly ten years ago when she worked as a house dancer in Stoughton, MA. Tyler began shooting movies in the hopes of increasing her popularity in order to become a well known national feature dancer. Seen in countless adult magazines and over two hundred adult films, Tyler Faith has become one of today's top adult stars and was selected Nightmoves USA Fan Favorite National Feature Dancer award in 2005. Her measurements are 34D-23-33.

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Tyler Faith

Emilia Boshe - Pornstar Collection

Emilia Boshe Mega Collection
12 Videos | 7.83 GB

Emilia Boshe is a busty model with massive natural breast from Duisburg, Germany.

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Emilia Boshe

Lucky Benton - Pornstar Collection

Lucky Benton Mega Collection
20 Videos | 6.48 GB

Lucky Benton (born August 26, 1976) is an American porn star. Her measurements are 34DD-26-34. Her career started in 2008 and she is still active to this day.

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Lucky Benton

Claudia Downs - Pornstar Collection

Claudia Downs Mega Collection
46 Videos | 14.48 GB

Claudia Downs (born April 6, 1988) is an American porn star and adult model. She is also known as Downs Claudia. Her measurements are 36C-27-36.

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Claudia Downs

Elizabeth Rose - Pornstar Collection

Elizabeth Rose Mega Collection
84 Videos | 79.45 GB

Elizabeth Rose (aka Angel Hott, born June 30, 1993) is a hungarian pornstar. This cutie is as cunning as they cum when it comes to creativity in the sack. There's nothing she hasn't had a go at at least once. Elizabeth had an interesting intro into the business. Her first job was working in a hotel and it was there that she noticed her mind wandering about what kind of naughtiness might be happening in the guestrooms. It was while working at this job that she realized her inner desires to unleash her freak. During this time, the universe conspired with her and the offer for nude modeling presented itself to her at a coffee shop from a chance meeting with an industry scout. Of course she looked picture perfect at her first shoot, and then of course one thing led to another and soon she was spreading her stems and letting us all in. Her measurements are 38/24/34. Don't miss treating yourself to some quality time with this perky busted and bottomed beauty.

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Elizabeth Rose

Sandra Russo - Pornstar Collection

Sandra Russo Mega Collection
116 Videos | 14.76 GB

Making her first debut into the porn scene in 1999, Slovakian lust bunny Sandra Russo has lived up to and surpassed every randy reputation set by her fellow Eastern European porn starlets. Her never say never attitude and appetite for action, not to mention her blonde, curvaceous good looks, have made her utterly irresistible to any man, or woman for that matter, in the business. You can catch her in 2 On 1 5, Lusty Legs, and Super Model Sluts 2, among over 80 others. Although she may be slowing down a bit, Sandra Russo hasn’t retired from the business completely yet. Her smoking scenes can always be counted on for some hot and sweaty, lustful anal action.

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Sandra Russo

Defrancesca Gallardo - Pornstar Collection

Defrancesca Gallardo Mega Collection
112 Videos | 50.61 GB

Tall (5'9"), sexy, and slender long-haired brunette Defrancesca Gallardo was born on November 15, 1988 in the Czech Republic. Defrancesca first started performing in explicit hardcore fare in her late teens in 2007. Among the many notable companies Gallardo has appeared in X-rated features for are Private, Mile High, Devil's Film, Combat Zone, Digital Playground, Eromaxx Films, New Sensations, and Video Marc Dorcel. Moreover, Defrancesca has also worked for such adult websites as Brazzers, Team Skeet, DDF Network, and Absolute Vids. She is also known as Defraceska Gallardo, Defrancesca Gallardo, Susanna So, Isabelli, Gia Lorenzo, Gia L'Orenzo, Katrin, Valentina Rossini, Francesca Gallardo.

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Defrancesca Gallardo

Daria Glower - Pornstar Collection

Daria Glower Mega Collection
117 Videos | 38.90 GB

Daria Glower (born May 13, 1981) is a Czech porn star and adult model. Daria Glover is the kind of beautiful babe who’ll simultaneously bring you to a fantasy land of never-ending orgasms while keeping you rooted in the real world of real women. By this, we mean that Daria’s looks are 100% authentic, and her craving for dick is as natural as the tide. She’s got a genuine woman’s body with awesome curves and fine flesh. Her big tits have never been enhanced or touched up and they’re delectably perfect just the way they are. Daria doesn’t ham it up for the cameras with fake moans and over-the-top ‘O’ faces. This girl’s hot ‘n’ horny antics come straight from her true slut self. She was born and raised in the Czech Republic, a fairytale land of castles, babbling brooks, and drop-dead gorgeous women. Wanting to get into porn to satisfy her unending thirst for sex, she also wanted to travel the world. And lucky for her, she’s got to meet and please tons of interesting cocks and vaginas along the way. Daria’s also discovered the intense joys of teasing her bohemian butthole to get it ready for some spreading and splaying. An absolute anal freak, if she’s not taking it up the rear, you can bet she’s tongue-deep in some other gal’s asshole. Daria has close to 300 titles to her name, and every single one is guaranteed to take your wet dreams from sad drip to a gushing waterfall. She is aka Amber L., Darcy, Daria, Daria Flower, Daria Glover, Daria James, Darla, Diana, Dunja, Ellie, Hana, Hana Steche, Hana Štecherová, Hanka, Hanna, Hannah

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Daria Glower

Kaylee Hilton - Pornstar Collection

Kaylee Hilton Mega Collection
52 Videos | 25.66 GB

Kaylee Hilton (born March 16, 1989, in Gardner, Kansas, U.S.) is a retired American porn star and adult model. She is also known as Kaley Hilton, Kelly Hilton, Kylee Hilton. Her measurements are 34D-25-38. She was active in years 2008-2015.

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Kaylee Hilton

Kitty Sixx - Pornstar Collection

Kitty Sixx Mega Collection
20 Videos | 4.57 GB

Kitty Sixx Daniels born Real Name Monika Vandlik is a pornographic whore, and Hooker.

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Kitty Sixx

Melody Wylde - Pornstar Collection

Melody Wylde Mega Collection
12 Videos | 11.68 GB

Melody Wylde is a Porn Star from Japan. She was born in Tokyo on November 11, 1997. Her measurements are 33A-25-36.

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Melody Wylde


Xxlayna Marie Mega Collection
25 Videos | 44.28 GB

Xxlayna Marie (born March 6, 2000) is a porn star from United States. In her career, she has worked with sites such as Only Fans or Board Links. She is also known as Xxlayna Marie, Layna Marie. She is 5'0" and weighs 99 lbs. She started her porn career in 2021.

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Xxlayna Marie


Rita Jalace Mega Collection
39 Videos | 25.55 GB

Rita Jalace (aka Emily, Holly, July, Mishelle A., Rita, Rita Jalace, Roxy) is a Russian pornstar. She was born on March 19, 1990.

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Rita Jalace


Olivia Del Rio Mega Collection
116 Videos | 14.90 GB

Born and raised in Brazil, this beautiful adult starlet found her way into the adult world while working as a maid for a French adult director. Entranced by Olivia's beauty and sex appeal, her boss asked if she would like to take a shot at doing a sex scene in his next movie. Olivia immediately accepted and the rest is history. Overnight, Olivia became an insatiable adult starlet open to any and everything her sexy costars could come up with. Outside of the adult biz Olivia is married with two daughters, although she is not ashamed to admit to having several lovers on the side to satisfy her sexual cravings. She also loves to frequent the swing club scene, with her husband on a regular basis, the heat she radiates in her movies is not an act; Olivia genuinely loves sex! What more could you ask for in an adult starlet than to love her job and love her job she does.

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Olivia Del Rio

Juicey Janey - Pornstar Collection

Juicey Janey Mega Collection
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Juicey Janey is an amateur pornstar from England. Her career started in 2014. Her measurements are 38E-28-37.

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Juicey Janey

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Cherie Deville is the type of MILF who, if she were your supervising teacher, would’ve made you act up in class and put you in detention for some serious disciplining. If Cherie were your girlfriend’s mom, you’d certainly have no problem going for dinner all the time, so long as Mommy made you help her with the after-meal chores. You’d be employee of the month 12 months in a row, if Cherie were your strict boss, demanding you stay late after work into the evening hours when anything goes. Cherie is a tall, curvaceous mature lady with a heightened sense of boner radar and wet-pussy perception. Whether she’s sucking big dick or slurping away at poontang, Cherie always helps her partners reach total genital bliss. Although she was born in North Carolina, she’s a true French-Canadian sex kitten at heart, with that natural slut factor working for her in spades. Every aspect of her upbringing prepared her for a lifetime of wicked porn. She rode horses, meaning she’s quite the dick-galloping cowgirl. She did ballet and swimming, meaning her figure is suave, fit and graceful, especially in the sack. She was a cheerleader, so you know she’s got that spunk and enthusiasm for high-octane fuck jobs. Finally, Cherie was a physiotherapist, so she’s well-versed in all the ins and outs of the human body, and how to bend and curve every muscle for maximum penetration. With her hot looks, killer bod, and fantastic life experience, watching Cherie Deville in action is time well spent.

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Cherie Deville