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Sadie Summers Mega Collection
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Sadie Summers (born 1985) is a pornstar from Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. She is 5'1", weighs 115 lbs and her measurements are 34DD-25-34. She started her porn career in 2005. She is also known as Tobi Pacific.

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Sadie Summers


Roxy Ryder Mega Collection
18 Videos | 23.56 GB

Searching through the porn history, we found out that the industry already had two actresses with the same name. This Roxy Ryder is the third one and is also known as Cali King. Roxy was born on August 19, 1999, in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada. She is a cute girl who has green eyes and a magnificent smile. She likes to change her hairstyle often but whatever she does, it looks fantastic on her, whether she is red or blonde, straight or curly. Her body is so petite that sometimes it seems fragile, but it is actually quite muscular and in an awesome shape. She started her career in 2019 and her measurements are 34B-22-34.

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Roxy Ryder

Cherie Deville - Pornstar Collection

Cherie Deville Mega Collection
137 Videos | 30.77 GB

Cherie Deville is the type of MILF who, if she were your supervising teacher, would’ve made you act up in class and put you in detention for some serious disciplining. If Cherie were your girlfriend’s mom, you’d certainly have no problem going for dinner all the time, so long as Mommy made you help her with the after-meal chores. You’d be employee of the month 12 months in a row, if Cherie were your strict boss, demanding you stay late after work into the evening hours when anything goes. Cherie is a tall, curvaceous mature lady with a heightened sense of boner radar and wet-pussy perception. Whether she’s sucking big dick or slurping away at poontang, Cherie always helps her partners reach total genital bliss. Although she was born in North Carolina, she’s a true French-Canadian sex kitten at heart, with that natural slut factor working for her in spades. Every aspect of her upbringing prepared her for a lifetime of wicked porn. She rode horses, meaning she’s quite the dick-galloping cowgirl. She did ballet and swimming, meaning her figure is suave, fit and graceful, especially in the sack. She was a cheerleader, so you know she’s got that spunk and enthusiasm for high-octane fuck jobs. Finally, Cherie was a physiotherapist, so she’s well-versed in all the ins and outs of the human body, and how to bend and curve every muscle for maximum penetration. With her hot looks, killer bod, and fantastic life experience, watching Cherie Deville in action is time well spent.

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Cherie Deville