Allison Wyte - Pornstar Collection

Allison Wyte - Pornstar Collection

Allison Wyte Mega Collection
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Allison Wyte born Real Name Christine A. Borel is a pornographic whore, and Hooker. She has 14 years of experience in the Industry; since may 2002, actually. She started just shortly after my 18th birthday, and have done over 100 videos, and hundreds of web and magazine content. Most of her videos and photos were done when she was young and was Young themed: Such as babysitter, college videos, and first time themed videos. She has done solo masturbation, boys and girls shoots. She was born in the OC. She lives most of my life in LA. She got to visit TX every summer to see family. She grow up with two sisters that in love very much. She was a bit different then other girl i always wanted to play video games and climb trees. As an adult She is a fairly Normal person. When she is not working I play videogames, watch space movies, read marvel comics and girly sensual novels high on graphic fantasy with mystery and action. She IS a hockey fan. She LOVES her La Kings. She also loves her pets, she has a cat and a dog. She is also an artist and work with hand drawn images and computer graphics. I’ve been keeping busy, though not with as much coverage as in those days. I have been doing live shows, but felt something was missing; so I created my own website because She wanted to have a site where she could both share her porn career, let you see part of my what she's been up to, see part of her life you wouldn't be able to see otherwise, and connect with you.

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