Angela Stone - Pornstar Collection

Angela Stone - Pornstar Collection

Angela Stone Mega Collection
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All the good girls come from the Midwest, or so you might be led to believe. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Angela Stone (aka Angel Stone, Angela Storm, Angela Oliver) is anything but a good girl. She’s a downright nasty whore who loves being treated like a dirty meat puppet. And she turns far from nice if you deprive her of the thick dick she craves, even just for one day. She’s got blonde hair, green eyes, pink lips, and a sweet smile, but once the fucking begins, her smile turns into a lolling orgasm-warped mouth screaming out in sheer pleasure. Her small natural tits of A-cup proportions are perfect little flaps of hand-grabbing fun. Angela was always obsessed with sex and had a sizeable porn collection by the time she hit 20 years old. Her first few jobs included store clerk and Hooters waitress. Tired of serving up burgers and wings behind that famous Hooters t-shirt, she opted for a job where the uniform was her birthday suit. She worked as a stripper in Minneapolis for a few years before moving to California for good. Now, there’s not a thing in the world that doesn’t give this slut pleasure. She digs cocks digging into her ass. She can make her pussy erupt in squirt sauce. She chokes on the biggest rods until she gags for joy. Ass to mouth, foot fetish, cream pies, cum swapping – Angela does it all. You don’t rack up a credit sheet of over 300 titles unless you’re as actively horny as Angela is.

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Posted March 15, 2023 by Chandler

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